Command navigator cmd-navigator package for Nokia N800 and N810.


This program is no longer maintained.

All of the functionality of Command navigator is provided by a more feature-rich applet (originally based on Command navigator), Personal menu. Install Personal menu instead of Command navigator.

The development of Command navigator is discontinued, no support nor bugfixes are provided. Command navigator is no longer present in any repository, it can only be downloaded from this page.




  1. Download and install.
  2. Go to Control panel > Panels and select Command navigator in Task navigator tab.
  3. Use Command navigator item in the Control panel or click on the Command navigator button and select Edit menu to configure the menu.
  4. To allow execution of commands as root, add a new file /etc/sudoers.d/cmdnav.sudoers containing the following line:
    user ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL
    Then run update-sudoers.
  5. If you don't know how to do the previous step, you don't need that feature.


Q: What is new in version 0.3.1? Should I update?
A: You probably want to. It contains a workaround for the double-xterm bug.

Q: When I select "run in XTerm", it always opens two xterm windows. And the xterm toolbars are messed up!
A: The osso-xterm shipped in older versions of OS2008 was buggy. Upgrade to a newer OS2008 version. Or install this osso-xterm update.

Q: You #$%@, what did you do to my device? I cannot start the system because your applet always crashes! I'm going to reflash the device and lose all my data!
A: The author put a lot of effort to testing the applet and believes such situation won't happen. However, no warranty is given. To be able to recover from such unlikely situation, the applet has a self-disabling feature. Just create an empty file named disable-cmd-navigator in the root directory of your SD card (doesn't matter if it is the internal or removable one).

Source code

Command navigator is released under the General Public License (GPL) version 2. The source code is available both for the OS2008 version and for the OS2007 version.


Jiri Benc, jbenc at upir dot cz