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4-string chords

Useful tool for ukulele, mandolin or four-string banjo players. The tool computes the chords, therefore it is able to display chords for any four-string instrument.

Currently, a few tunings (various ukulele, mandolin and banjo tunnings) are predefined. For other instrument, you will need to set a custom tuning (select "Preferences" from the menu, "Custom" from the Tuning box and select the right tone for each string). Please send me (jbenc at upir dot cz) the tuning and name of your instrument and I will add it to the next version.

English and Czech chord and tone names are supported. If you want other language, send me tone and chord names in that language.

If you have an idea how to make the tool even more useful :-), share it with me. Please note that it's unlikely I would extend the number of strings.

Single click install.

Source codes

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Jiri Benc, jbenc at upir dot cz